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Nest hub default display samsung TV & wifi 5G problem

Previous setting:1. samsung q95t (cable connect, connected with smartthing app as well as google home app, same router)2. google nest mini 2 (5Gwifi connect, connected with google home app, same router)3. google home app installed in Apple Iphone 12 ...

Jjaytang by Community Member
  • 10 replies
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My Nest Hub Max camera will not sync

The camera on my Google Home Max display will not sync with Google home. I can make duo and zoom calls, but it will not hook up to be viewed like a camera it just times out after I scan the QR or enter the code. I have reset and done a factory reset ...

7A6251C8-B6D8-464F-84DD-5E7315A9D3DD.png BAB5381C-75A0-4058-823B-372CCF861B17.png

Routines not working on my Google Home Mini.

Ive set up a couple of routines to play when I tell my Google Assistant that Im going to, or are getting back from work. However, every time I say the command lines, the assistant says something such as "Take care" or "Ill be here if you need me". No...

Nest Hub Calendar notifications

So calendars events I have set to remind me as they happen, All other devices alert me expect for the Nest HubIs it possible to get it reading out the calendar event it happens?

BergaNest by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Google no longer control TCP sockets

I have a Google Home hub and two Google displays to control my house and TCP sockets for lights. These have all been working great until about a week or two ago. When you ask a device to turn a light on it just says 'sorry something went wrong try ag...

JenMc by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Pandora does not shuffle.

So now there is no support for google problems, it's just community 'support'? OK, I'll ask, why won't google home play my pandora shuffle?

imric by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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