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Hallo, Ik wil graag dat de muziek gespeeld word op mijn mini en audio. Hoe krijg ik dit voor elkaar

Vincent93 by Community Member
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Resolved! not responding after factory setting reset

i reset my new google nest audio to factory settings after having issues with new wifi. since then it has not responded at all. not found by google home app. not responding to touch on 'buttons'. every few minutes it flashes lights as if loading some...

Rafi-Levy by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Hello I asked this question a few months ago but no one responded. I am certain there is a solution to my problem.I can listen to the tv sound through my nest audio speakers, but sound and picture are hopelessly out of sync.I can't be only one with t...

Routine shortcut

Hello,Is it possible to add a shortcut tile under media to play a specific radio station? I setup a routine to play the radio but would like to have it on the home screen instead of going through home/routine/selecting the routine.

David22 by Community Member
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Routines fail no nest mini. Ok on phone

Hello. my name is Alexis. I have a problem with the execution of the routines in nest mini. When I start it from the phone it runs fine. When I ask the nest mini it does half of the routine and tells me some devices are not available. has problems wi...

Nest speakers with google TV

Is there a chance that google TV will work with Nest Audio in the near future? For my beamer i use a Google TV for the input and i bought, without checking if possible, two Nest Audio’s as a 2.0 speaker set for the beamer with Google TV. I am absolut...

Ivoh by Community Member
  • 1 replies
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Nesthub not connecting to WiFi

Hey everyone. I recently changed internet providers which involved getting a new wifi modem setup. I have managed to transfer 2 google nest minis, a google assisted TV and 1 Nest display onto the new network but one of my Nest displays refuse to conn...

jesstpwk by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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