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Update on Assistant experience on Nest Speakers & Displays Read more

Update regarding recent changes to speaker groups for Nest speakers, displays, a... Read more

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Having trouble with Speaker groups? Read this first

Hi everyone, Thank you for continuing to notify us of the reliability issues you’re facing with your Speaker groups. I escalated these issues internally and the team is actively investigating a resolution. If you’re able, all feedback is appreciated!...

TuneIn only plays an add then stops

I use to be able to play the edge radio. It would play using TuneIn. Now all it does is play an add twice and then there's no music. It seems to think it's playing but there's nothing. Been doing this for awhile now. Only way is to cast from my phone...

J1cat by Community Member
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Resolved! Radio stops playing

We have a Google Nest Mini bought for us as a present a few months ago. Connected up no problem. We would like to use it to listen to the radio but while it will start playing any station you ask for after about 5 minutes it just stops playing. Playi...

JenB1 by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Indian Markts or share prices on Google Home

Hi There,I am trying to get the Share Prices of companies trading in Indian exchanges like NSE or BSE. But I am not getting any results.Whereas for some companies like Reliance, It is telling the ADR price in Europian exchange which is again not help...

LG WK7 turning on by itself after I offed it

I've had the LG Wk7 for a couple of years but in the last few weeks it's starting turning itself on after have either pressed off button or asked it. This happens about 10 mins afterwards. Anyone else got this problem?

Bonnyrock by Community Member
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Calendar event notifications

I've seen a few other posts about this but none of them seem to have gotten answers. I have a Nest Hub Max. I would like it to (and everything I've read, including responses here, says it should) show a notification about upcoming events on the home/...

CarisaLm by Community Member
  • 14 replies
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Google Nest Home Max built in camera stopped working

The built in camera stopped working for home monitoring, after 4 months of use, which was the MAIN purpose of the purchase. It works for duo video calls however, I can no longer see the inside of my home when away. The camera does not even show on th...

MLuna by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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