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Media Alarm Google Nest Hub

Hello,when I try to setup a media alarm on my google nest hub display it only allows me to select from a list of sounds and seems to ignore the song I ask for. When I say the same command to my google nest mini it creates the alarm and plays the song...

Crusstty by Community Member
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Nest Hub (1st Gen) Crashes and Resets Daily

Within the last few months, my Nest Hub (1st Gen) has started crashing and resetting itself occasionally, but at least once a day. It generally occurs when being asked to play something on Spotify, but has also occurred following other commands like ...

Google speaker device list

I noticed a speaker playing on my phone while I was at work so I went to turn it off. It was labeled "garage speaker" and I don't have a garage speaker. All of my other speakers are accounted for except this extra speaker.Is there a way to see what t...

Google Home won't play my own music From Youtube music

I have over a thousand tracks which I uploaded to Google Play Music and was happily my songs on my speaker.Then Google Play Music closed, I moved all my tracks to You Tube Music and now I can't play my own music unless I pay to go Premium.This is rub...

Nest Display and Customer Service

My Nest suddenly stopped connecting to my network. Did resets of all devices and Google WiFi network. Everything reconnected except the hub. Called customer service and spent 5 + hours trying to do a number of diagnostics which failed because the dev...

Fridge mount for the the Nest Hub ?

Is there a way to mount the nest hub to a fridge? In a kitchen this would be the ideal location. There doesn't seem to currently be an option for this. Is it because of issues with having powerful magnets in close proximity to the hub and/or screen?

muaddubby by Community Member
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