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Google max or pixel request

When my Pixel phone is in the same room as my Google Max and I'll give it a request like setting an alarm - both respond. In most cases I want Max to respond. When I ask Google to call someone Max responds faster than my phone. I want my phone to res...

Nealji by Community Member
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Resolved! Lights randomly turn on, kinda creepy

So, we have 36 lights controlled by our Google Home. They are all connected via the Smart Life app which has better color options. We randomly will have a light come on all by itself. It's kinda creepy when it happens at night. You wake up in the mid...

jon1 by Community Member
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Google Drive on Hub

Is there a way to access my Google Drive on my Google Nest Hub? I would figure that I should be able to since they're both made by Google. If not, I it would be great to access recipes off of the Hub.

Nest audio resumes playing after stop instruction

When I ask nest speakers to stop playing, the music stops, but then resumes randomly. This happens on all my nest speaker devices, nest mini and nest max. It’s getting really frustrating and sometimes take 3 or 4 attempts to stop the music from resum...

Cl_eav by Community Member
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Google Home Mini speaks too fast

I have a Google Home Mini 1st generation (Model H0A, was of a defunct preview program).Worked well for years but recently the voice fastened a lot. Also the music is fastened.In the Google Home app there is not any setting for this kind of voice prop...

Adriespo by Community Member
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no audio when streaming nestcam on Google hub

Beginning about a month ago my nestcam iq stream to nest hub have video but no sound. Worked ok previously. Cam audio works fine on iOS app and Nest web app. And the hubs will play audio otherwise from hey Google commands, timers, YouTube, etc. addit...

KtUK by Community Member
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