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Now Available: Google Nest Warranty Helper Read more

Google Home: Access camera history and download clips from the Web and more with... Read more

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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Lights Randomly Turning Off and On

Hello,I have multiple lights, that uses their own app to control, that randomly keep turning off and on throughout the day.I am unsure what is causing this. I have turned off presence sensing and do not have any routines set for a certain time/day.Co...

Change the camera view layout in Google home

I want to be able to change the order of the cameras as viewed from the home app when all are being viewed at the same time. I use a 10" tablet in landscape mode as predominantly a display for the external cameras. I also have a couple inside and wan...

JoMo1 by Community Member
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Home device error: Please log in

Google Home Speaker says: Please log in to through the Google Home appI have already completed a factory reset and it is visible on my wifi device.I am currently logged in to the app on my phone. Already tried deleting the app and reinstalling.

Google Home app cannot reach Nabu Casa and Nanoleaf

Nabu casa was linked, and was working fine till yesterday. Then I tried to relink the service but the Google Home ap says "Cannot reach Cloud by Nabu Casa...... ". The same for Nanoleaf Smarter Series.Does anyone know how to fix this? I've already tr...

Google Mini YouTube Premium Trial

Is there any way to get the 3 month free trial of YouTube premium after setting up the mini? I skipped it during set up because I thought I'd be able to go back and add the trial but I can't do it in the YouTube app without paying or the Home app. I ...

Jyrire by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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bedtime routine stopped recognizing audiobooks on play books

I've had a bedtime routine set up for a long while that would turn off my lights, turn down my speaker, and play a specific audiobook from my Google play books library. I used a custom action to specify the audiobook and have it stop playing after ab...

New modem - Mesh won't connect

I just replaced my modem, now having trouble connect a nest point to the wifi. The google wifi is not even appearing in my google home app. Any suggestions?

Problem with light working with sunrise alarm

Hi,I recently posted a question as I was having an issue whereby my hub would not find my light when setting a sunrise alarm even though it works for voice activation and is in the same room as the hub. Unfortunately the thread closed before I had ti...

WHUFCLes by Community Member
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Help us with Or home tech!!!

We have so many issues with our devices in our home!!! Are nest doorbell will not work after hundreds of attempts… our nest cameras turn on and off on there own.. and can someone please explain to me why and what does it mean when our TVs our set to ...

Google Chat Message Error

@JillG& @Muddi. For my Google Chat when I text my message it says "Failed to send" and when I am connected to wifi it still says "Failed to send". How do I fix this? @JillG & @Muddi. Please give ideas for ways to fix the problem with my Google Chat.

LifeBrosG1 by Community Member
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