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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Issue with main Gmail account communicating with Google Home

When using my primary Gmail account - Google Home application does not communicate with Google. I created a "test home" in my profile in an attempt to correct a long standing issue with my thermostat. When I was done with my "test home" I wanted to d...

Ghostnyc by Community Member
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Google home on mutiple wifi

I think I have identified a glitch to be looked into. The speaker groups do not show on on Google home when you operate multiple wifis. Other apps such as Spotify ideally them fine. HistoryI have a unifi system where my iot devices are separated on a...

Leeswin by Community Member
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Home App not playing videos from Nest Outdoor

I am currently using a Sony Xperia 5ii running Android version 12, build number 58.2.A.80.I have a Huawei P20, OnePlus Nord CE 2, and my fiancée's Google Pixel 4, in which on the Home app I am able to view historic/caught moments. But on my Sony, it ...

steve81uk by Community Member
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Resolved! Unable to share photographs with Google Home outside North America

Have Google Home Account. Able to share 15,000 photographs with family with Gmail Addresses but unable to share outside North America (Toronto, Canada to Trinidad & Tobago). Google indicates it is not possible. Can I open another Google Home Account ...


I cannot update my credit card details. I am subscribed to Nest for my UK property and thus am directed to the UK site. But, as I am a US resident and all my payment methods are billed to my US address, the UK site does not enable a non-UK card. Ther...

ocmil09 by Community Member
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Guest network

I am trying to set up a guest network to access my Ring doorbell. I go to google home and look for guest wi-fi and do not see it. It is not listed . How do I set up a guest network with no link. Still trying everything to set up R ng

Mitch4 by Community Member
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