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Google voice on samsung 8 series

I have been trying to set up the Google voice assistant and I scan the qr and even tried the website and entered in the code and I keep getting the same error message. Can't find device make sure they are on the same wifi I've reset my TV, updated al...

Can't sign in at

1. Sign in with my Google account works fine, but at some point it doesn't work.2. Apply all the countermeasures listed on the Google website. But login is not possible.3. I think it's a server problem, so I'll try logging in again in a week.It doesn...

theAhn by Community Member
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Google Home says I dont have access to service

I dont know that this is a login or connection issie, but none of the categories fits.A week or so ago instead of opening normally, my Google Home app opens a small window that says I don't have access to the service. I can't see or access anything.I...

Linking Apps

Guys I spent hours trying to sync my devices and Google Home was being whack- tried using another phone but google would not update- a final solution that worked was the following- is set up from your main ...

ESG by Community Member
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Can’t test mesh

I have two pairs of Google Nest The mesh system working together, so two routers and two pointers. I set the system up 6 months ago and had no problems with strong Wi-Fi connection in every room in the house. For the last two months I’ve had no conne...

A1exJH by Community Member
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Google home on iPad (iOS 15.3.1) does not detect my Chromecast.

My iPad does not detect Chromecast on my network and this issue started only recently. I have completed all the basic troubleshooting steps like disconnecting power, factory reset etc. but with no luck. I even uninstalled the home app and reinstalled...

Czany by Community Member
  • 11 replies
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Google home mini not working with mi box

Hi. So my Google home mini keep say that it cannot open Netflix on Android tv yet whenever i want to watch a Netflix show. It opens up all other apps and responds. It's just giving an issue with Netflix.

AnnelienJ by Community Member
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Google Hub Max already connected to other user?

I have had to factory reset my Google Hub Max 5 times in the last month because it has been stuck on a white screen. Every time it has fixed it, but this time it's saying that it is still connected to another user. I can set it up under my 5g interne...