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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Daughter accidentally deleted my nest. l

My daughter accidentally deleted my nest while she was trying to migrate it to other Google items. I can see the tempature it's set at, but I can no longer get to my schedule or any other components. How do I get it back on my samesung note 10?

Nest 2nd Step verification old phone number

I converted my Nest account to over to google a while back. Apparently my old cell number was still attached to my old Nest account. When I'm trying to sign into the Nest app on Apple TV during the 2nd verification step it's asking for a code sent to...

Resolved! Can’t see Nest Aware history after migrating to Home app

We recently got a Google thermostat and downloaded the Home app. We connected our existing Nest doorbell to the Home app. Now we can’t see our Nest Aware history on the Nest app or the Home app and we received a refund on our credit card from Neat La...

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Hi, I'm have a problem with linking my 2 soundbars (Vizio SB3651-H6 and SB3621) to Google home. I seen 2 other people had similar issues but they seem to have left the chat too earlier for a solution but I'll be waiting for any and all help, recommen...

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