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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

Forum Posts

Phone number not accepted when creating an account

I have been trying to set up Google Home for my mum (Christmas present) and google will not accept any mobile phone number based in jersey Channel Islands either wit +44, 44, 0044, 440 etc! Waste of Christmas evening and the mini and nest audio are g...

Ja19 by Community Member
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Resolved! cant login into my chromebook

does anybody have any idea how to get a new account onto a chromebook with no password or username

cowboy87 by Community Member
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Not my device

I have no smart home devices. But I keep seeing n2eqg show up on my Bluetooth search but it won't work and I'm feeling violated. Does anyone know what to do if an unauthorized device is placed in or on your personal property or hidden in your belongi...

Rsnowjr by Community Member
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Apple HomePod as Climate Device

I know you can’t use Google to set up an Apple HomePod. I have Apple Home for that. I have a Nest Learning Thermostat and unfortunately, Google has chosen NOT to update this generation to the Matter architecture so I can’t use the Nest on my Apple Ho...

Kazlady by Community Member
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Resolved! Light Groups

I have some lights and smart plugs all from Wiz. Recently, I added some more and Google Home automatically grouped all of them together in each room. How do I ungroup them?

jle646 by Community Member
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Cannot Change Nest Application Notification

All of a sudden, my nest app notifications have been changed to Spaceline which is a "samsung brand notification". I have changed the notification sounds to "sweet" for my notifications but the nest app continues to play Spaceline. I have using andro...

Mboronkay by Community Member
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Shared Controls

Why am I always seeing the notification that I have a shared control of a device when I live alone and own any Google/Smart Products. I can pause the video and control the sound of the THING playing on THAT TV but I don't own it. I don't know how my ...

Jelo by Community Member
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account log in

I currently have 6 Nest devices assigned to an account "email" that was hacked. Can i remove the gmail account from the 6 devices and add a new account? what are my options ?

sdriggs by Community Member
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