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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

Forum Posts

Cannot unlink device in Google Home

Just set up a new home in the Google Home app. It is showing an old LG TV I used to have and I cannot delete or unlink it. I am no longer linked to the LG ThinQ service. Actually, my Google Assistant isn't linked to any "works with Google" service ri...

Yogachara by Community Member
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Can't control Tuya bulbs with Google assistant

I have a simple set up - two nest minis (2nd edition) and 2 Tuya smart bulbs. These use the Smart Home app, which is supposed to integrate with Google Assistant. I can control the bulbs with the Smart Home app, and have followed instructions online f...

NeilEHome by Community Member
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GE Cync Automation Bulk Edit Vs Individual Bulbs

I have a total of 4 Cync Bulbs (model CLEDST196CDGS-2T). I have an Google automation setup to go off everyday at sunset to change each bulb to a different color, brightness combination to align with my outside decorations. I originally had them conne...

Dmhehman by Community Member
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Presence Sense Not Retaining Selected Settings

My issue is with my Nest Learning Thermostat. When I go into the Nest app to check what determines if I'm home, I find it is not my phone despite selecting that option several times. When I go into the Home app, I find the same thing. I must have tol...

Gussee23 by Community Member
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Google Home app not showing correct Hive thermostat status

We’ve had a Hive Mini thermostat working nicely with Google Home for a year or so. But as of yesterday the Home app is not showing the correct status of the thermostat. The heating is currently on manual, and set to on (19.5c). The Hive app shows thi...

Scamm0r by Community Member
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Multiple Voice Matches

I am trying to install a Nest Hub Gen 2 in my 95 year old Mothers Assisted Living Facility so she can listen to music of her era, find out the time or temperature and set up a calendar reminder for various facility events. I need to get her voice mat...

mleethy by Community Member
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Phone number not accepted when creating an account

I have been trying to set up Google Home for my mum (Christmas present) and google will not accept any mobile phone number based in jersey Channel Islands either wit +44, 44, 0044, 440 etc! Waste of Christmas evening and the mini and nest audio are g...

Ja19 by Community Member
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