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New Google Home app for Wear OS update includes navigation and performance impro... Read more

Matter is now available for Google Home across Nest and Android devices Read more

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Replace bulbs, switches etc

So, if not asked before. Changing a bulb should be easy. A feature of replacement would be better than trying to recall all the automations or scenes that an item is associated with. Actually replacing any item should be easier. Maybe I just haven't ...

Alph by Community Member
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Google Home app public preview

There is no way to leave written feedback when sharing my experience on the Google home app public preview. I have 2 suggestions:1. I should be able to edit the order of the favorites when I’m editing. There is no way to put the devices/actions in th...

Ghiranan by Community Member
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Different music on different devices??

I have just purchased 2 Lenova Smart clocks for my children. I want them to be able to play their own individual music however the clocks will only play the same music. Ive set up a family spotify account but can not figure put how they can play thei...

KaReilly by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Only owner can change Digital Wellbeing?

HelloWe have multiple devices on our home, and our child has just received a Nest Hub for his bedroom.I want to set up the digital wellbeing settings, to restrict certain things, but only the "Owner" can access these settings - which is my husband.Su...

Megglesz by Community Member
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Not recognising smart switch as seperate devices

I have a 4 gang power strip switch set up in Tuya. Up until few days ago Google Home recognized the switches as individual devices therefore I can not control 4 different outlets from google home app. I have added that to alexa and it's shows 4 separ...

Chama by Community Member
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Home/Away can't set up

When I'm trying to set up a home/away get a error "something went wrong please try again"I don't now why

Public preview

I requested a public preview from 2 days left But i didn't have a response until now what a issues??

How can we get action on enhancements to the cookbook app?

I've seen multiple post and issues with the cookbook app we use on our Google Hub. Why are none of these being addressed? Is there no development being done on this? Nobody wants to waste time using an app that is not going to be improved by end user...

fnova by Community Member
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