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Deleting device

In my devices i see two identical devices, how do i remove one

jaker by Community Member
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Workday Routines Not Working

Hi,I recently set up my workday routines, but they have not worked yet.I've set up several personal routines, but I do notice that the workday routine has an icon where the "play" button icon has a slash across it.When the times come up for my workpl...


Can't setup parental controls - Add child to speaker

Hello,I am trying to add a child to a Nest Mini. I set up Google assistant and did the voice training. When I go to add them to via Family link > Content Restrictions >Google Assistant > Add to new device, I get a message "Can't setup parental contro...

Clonius by Community Member
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Nest does not allow login

My wife is a family member with full access. She starts Nest and it asks to login thru google. She logs in thru google and it accepts password. It asks to link Nest with Google and she allows it.It spins for a minute and then begins the cycle again. ...

womblepc by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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deleted device

Hi,last year in august i removed a device from google account.Now i really need it back but dont know if i can find it

Maria23 by Community Member
  • 1 replies
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Integration shared calender

Hello Google Team,Could you please integrate the poosibility to acess shared calender with google asisstent. We use with the outlook exchange solution at work. Now i can not accsess the caleder with the google speak assistent what makes all kaleder f...

LW52 by Community Member
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Presence Sensing isn’t showing up in Google Home Settings

I have Google Home configured for my home. It includes several lights and a Nest thermostat. I have “Home” and “Away” routines setup to modify light settings and Nest thermostat settings. This works fine for me and my iPhone 14 Pro. Presence Sensing ...

jlack33 by Community Member
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Mi Home vacuum Mop 2 Pro+

I've bought a Xiaomi vacuum mop pro in March and it worked perfectly until recently. However, since the firmware of the vacuum cleaner was updated it desapeared from the Google home app and now it doesn't find the device even after the reset.Does any...

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