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All my android devices report when one nest is playing music

My daughter plays music on her nest at night. Each morning every Android device has an 'alert' to notify us this nest is streaming music. Google Home has about 4 Notification Settings, and "Have nest alert all connected devices when it's playing Jack...

ddarwin by Community Member
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Temperature Sensor not connecting to Nest Learning thermostat

HiWhen I try to set up through the nest app, the app suggests the thermostat is requires a software update. When I go to the thermostat it tells me I have the latest software so my question any plans for software upgrade in NZ or is there another way...

Gazro by Community Member
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All devices missing from home app

All of a sudden when I go into the home app on my phone none of my devices are listed. It’s treating me like I’m setting up my account from scratch.

Routine runs hour early

My"turn the lights off at 10pm"routine occurs about an hour early at 9pm. Please advise.

Mrpiebald by Community Member
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Nest x Yale door lock error code T013

Cannot connect Nest x Yale lock. Getting error T013We have 4 Nest Connects to help with the other 5 Nest x Yale door locks around the house as well as 2 thermostats. Have we simply exceeded capacity and another door lock cannot be added? We have trie...

New home

I have just moved into a new home with a Nest thermostat. Since pressing reset so that I could update the WiFi settings I have had no hot water and also unable to connect my phone through the app. It is continuously saying it can’t get an entry key. ...

Nest Migration to Google with Multiple Homes

I have not yet migrated my Nest Account to Google but am going to do it soon. I have 3 “homes” in Nest. Are there any issues or concerns of which I should be aware before I pull the trigger?

Marslo by Community Member
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