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Nest app

Hi , can't download a clip of my history event details. There is no option. I subscribe monthly. Help! Thanks! Angie

Google Nest cannot email to my account for Nest

When the person for Google Nest tried to email me to verify my Nest account, they were unable to do so. For some reason my email for my nest account does not accept emails from them. I need help as now I am being charge for 2 Nest Aware accounts.

DCM by Community Member
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Nest aware App vs web

I have a nest aware plus subscription and can view my cameras fine on android, but I do not see any way to see the cameras on my computer. Is there a way to do this?

mike614 by Community Member
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Access Nest on iPhone

I don’t have access to my original email I set up the nest for. I bypassed that and tried with my google email, but it won’t let me access because it’s already registered (being used) by my old email with no access. What can I do now?

TPD808 by Community Member
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Paid for upgrade at end of trial money taken out but did not get upgrade

Cwhipple by Community Member
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I paid $120 for 10 day recording for 1 year with 30 day free trial but have never received it and my camera is not recording anything

Honeybea by Community Member
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I have 2 homes and have to pay Nest Aware twice

Hey.I have two homes with multiple cameras on it.I cant put all cameras in one home because its 2 different places.Now with Google Nest aware, i have to pay for each home 50€ per year.It would be awesome, if the payment goes per Account, instead of p...

ven000m by Community Member
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Video history

I am not able to see the video history. I have deleted the cam and readded it i have restarted my modem and everything.

Sadal89 by Community Member
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Problem renewing Nest aware subscription

The problem:I have been trying to renew my Nest Aware subscription for several months without success. I have been using the same credit card to pay for the service for five years but had expired just prior to my renewal date so I had to update the p...

MarieB by Community Member
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