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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Aware Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Switching from the old $600 plan to Aware Plus

Hi, chat support has not been able to answer this clearly and the nest number doesn't seem to be active anymore.We were just billed $600 a week ago for the old 3+ camera plan, we want to switch to the $120 Aware Plus plan.. What I am trying to figure...

Unable to add Nest Thermostat to Google Home app

Like many previous users, I to am unable to add the Nest Thermostat as a device in my Google Home app.Having added many IOT devices to my Google Home app, I find it fairly straight forward, however, this has baffled me and Google UK, hence my case is...


Download Video

Trying to download video clip. I've followed the instructions to go to history, and events which is where there is supposed to be a download button at the top. I dont see a Button . See my screen shot 


I cannot view my history

I've read through all the forums: when I log in, I can't see an option to view history. Only clips that have been downloaded. My subscription is up-to-date. There are some very important clips I need to download, so time is of the eseence. I've tried...

mizjodi by Community Member
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Multiple faces recognition

Hi all! I'm considering activating a Nest Aware subscription, but would like to know more before trying it out.Does the Face Recognition feature which becomes available for a camera once the Nest Aware subscription is enabled allow the camera to reco...

visemod by Community Member
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need help paid bill cameras no service

Money came out of my checking account 120.00 for service but I have NO SERVICE I have called and sent messages I cannot get any help to straighten this out. Please help me!!!! I have two email address one is # the other is # I got the message on my y...

Nest aware history not recording

Hi there,we have a subscription for Nest aware since about 6 months ago, paid for a year in advance…. For no apparent reason a few weeks back our two wired outdoor google nest cameras stopped recording history. The live feed is fine and the history o...

Dpb41 by Community Member
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Sign in trouble

I had this nest cam for a couple of years now. Although it is still functioning perfectly, I haven’t used it in a while and forgot my password. Also, in between time, I changed my number. Now I would like to use it again and to confirm my identity th...

Shabangas by Community Member
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