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Prepaid Nest Aware disappeared after 5 months

I paid $60 in October for a 1 year Subscription. My Nest Aware account simply disappeared. I had to buy it again. Error msg states "Warning you are not using 1 or more of your subscriptions. You are not part of the Home App. Ah, I didn't cancel or el...

recording history

i did not have a suscription last week and from today i have it. Will I be able to see events from last week?

luismaleh by Community Member
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Can’t play event videos

I have a nest aware subscription and have not been able to play any of the videos in the events. I can’t even save them anymore. How can I fix this?

Nest Aware Subscription Management

So where can one find details on their Nest Aware account? I recently spent some time with customer service on this very topic because Google charged my credit card for the Nest annual service, but the only way I knew was because my credit card compa...

Part121 by Community Member
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Ghostery and/or AdBlock prevent log in on Chrome

This is more of an FYI than a question, but I was having an issue signing into in Chrome using my Google account, where it would just loop back to the login screen.I turned off Ghostery and AdBlock, and I was able to log in.Posting here...

metapede by Community Member
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No Events Detected...impossible...I just watched the clip 10 times

We had a great video that we captured on one of our nest cameras. We watched it 10 times or more. Now when we try to view, the video freezes and we get the message No Event Detected. It cuts the video off while I am in the middle of speaking. What co...

Graymask9 by Community Member
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Only person Nest detects is me

My outdoor Nest camera used to detect people, cars, trucks, everything. Now, it rarely detects anything but sound and motion. If I walk to the mailbox, it will detect me. But if my neighbor, the Amazon delivery guy or anyone else walks up it won't de...

darqman by Community Member
  • 11 replies
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Nest Doorbell Camera

My doorbell camera sends me notifications, but I can only see still pictures. And my history only seems to go back one day. I do have Nest Aware, but it does not seem to be functioning.