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Google Nest not working

When I power up my google nest. I get the blue light for a moment then all goes blank. Does not appear to be working?? any thoughts.Can it be repaired??

Resolved! Google Wifi's Site Blocking Modem IP

I am getting this message on every device I try to use to access my modem. I have a TP Link modem (not router) plugged into Google WiFi. No special configuration of Google WiFi, stock setting with one static IP for a connected hard drive.This message...


Nest Wifi internet issues - partly no internet

I have issues since 19 feb 2023 with internet. Randomly I loose internet but some sites still partly work. When I go to sites I get "Safari cannot can't` connect to server" message. If I try to reload the request couple of times, then I works sometim...

Palle by Community Member
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Nest wifi pro: Only half of internet bandwith is used

Hello, I have 1 Gbit connection from my internet provider (Vodafone, Germany) and Fritzbox a a router. Previosly I had Google Wifi, first generation. Measurement of internet speed using google home app, brought always about 850 Mbit/s,Sinse yesterday...

Georg by Community Member
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Google WiFi pro

I'm trying to set up a WiFi pro using a BT smart hub 2 on bridge mode. I just have standard FTTC rather than BT Infinity FTTP.The setup tells me it's connected. Checks for updates but never Finds any then I have to name my network and create a passwo...

Blackwood by Community Member
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Unresponsive customer service - 2 weeks and still unresolved

case number is 4-185900003374803/30: Nest Mesh WiFi suddenly stopped working less than a year after purchase. Checked all the steps to get it going again - nothing. Contacted support through Chat. They had me unplug, plug back in, restart the modem, ...

WRNKL by Community Member
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Now / Sky Broadband and Google Wifi

Hi,Just moved away from Vodafone and plugged in my Now Broadband 2 Router. Connected and Wi-Fi etc. However the Google Wi-Fi will not connect. I have turned off the WIFI on the Now Router. and tried a factory reset on the Google Wi-Fi (not Nest) and ...

JMSuch by Community Member
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Microsoft teams - video and screenshare not working

Hi - I have a Nest wifi router (with 2 wifi points) and my video or share screen does not work in Microsoft Teams. I can see the video clearly, but others can't and they cannot see the content when I share my screen.It works perfectly when I tether f...

asebalj by Community Member
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for those in the know

can we connect only google devices to the google home network?

Dainius by Community Member
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