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Guest wifi change dns

Hi all it would be great or is there a way to change the dns on the guest network? I can only see the ability to change the dns for the main network.

Cottages by Community Member
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Can't add Nest WiFi router to existing Google Wifi network

I have an existing Google Wifi mesh network. I'm trying to add a Nest Wifi router to the network via Ethernet cable. Google Home recognizes the device, and I get as far as "Adding device to your mesh network" when it comes back and says "Couldn't add...

upstill by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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2.5k required speed items

Where do find if my google wifi has 2.5k available for devices (a smoker) that require it to link to a smart phone (S-22)?

KCOC by Community Member
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You can't buy a single Wifi Pro Puck?

I bought Wifi Pro two pack thinking if i needed a third, I'd pick up one more, but now I seem to be seeing you can buy just a single access point for Pro? Is this accurate?

yoteshowl by Community Member
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Spotify causing Google Wifi Issues?

I have been a longtime Spotify user with multiple types of speaker groups set up around my house, with up to 8 speakers in a group (Google Wifi Pro as router). Lately, I've noticed frequent drops while playing Spotify on the home network, something t...

yoteshowl by Community Member
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My main wifi router always fail

So, I've got three routers in my Google Wifi Mesh network: one in the living room, one in by bedroom, another one in my office. The main router, the one connected to my ISP's router, is the living room one.The issue is, when I'm in the office or in m...

atcasanova by Community Member
  • 14 replies
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Hardwiring Wifi-Pro Pucks?

I just bought Google Wifi Pro and have connected the main router to the modem. However, I have ethernet in the room where i'm putting the second puck. I was thinking that hardwiring the puck would be better, but being the "not genius" that I am, I ca...

yoteshowl by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Nest Wifi Pro ‘slow’

Not that impressed with Nest Wifi Pro’s throughput.I have a full 1Gb Symmetric fibre internet link, and connecting a Linksys Velop router to the 10GbE port on the ONT allows Ethernet to Speedtest at 970mbits/s and I get around 800-900Mbits/s on wifi....

Markwayt by Community Member
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Nest WiFi refuses to factory reset

We lost all connection to the internet yesterday. After several resets of the Fiber modem it seemed the problem was caused by another unit in the network. Disconnecting all network units from modem and factory reset of the modem gave me internet conn...

Kayp by Community Member
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