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Mesh won’t discover third point

Soo frustrated. New iPhone wouldn’t connect to Apple TV which let you me trying to reset Wifi, but new phone didn’t have login info stored sooo…Catostrophoc home internet failure. first access point took about 10 tries to connect, second took 20. Thi...

Jared1618 by Community Member
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Missing devices in Nest wifi device listing

I recently added two Lennox smart thermostats in my home. They connect via WiFi to my Nest router, however they don't show up in the device list. I can see the assigned IP address on the thermostat display, but not on the Nest list. Any ideas? Also, ...

Bartman by Community Member
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Log data from Nest WiFi?

Over the last 36 hours, my Nest WiFi has dropped connection to my modem. Once I realize what has happened, I unplug the Nest and after a few seconds plug it back in. Most times, this solves the problem. I have 2 questions - 1. Why doesn't the Nest re...

Bartman by Community Member
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Resolved! help adding 4th puck to Google Wifi network

Hi I have Google WiFi Mesh network with three pucks, all bought at the same time from Google about a year ago. I recently bought a single, 4th puck to add to the network to provide better coverage for spot with low reception. When I try to add the pu...

Weather proof mesh point

Does Google offer an outdoor-rated mesh point? If not, best idea for extending my Google mesh outdoors?

UncleC by Community Member
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Resolved! Adding a Nest Wifi router to replace Google Wifi Router in existing mesh

I have an existing mesh network that was created using Google Wifi. However, the signal was spotty in distant rooms (large house.) I purchased a Nest Wifi Router and two points in the hopes that this would improve things.I need to stress that I canno...

DetFilms by Community Member
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Nest Router setup fails

Hi,I have been using Google nest wifi for a few months and it's been working well. Now i changed my ISP, and problems have started. I tried to connect my nest the same way as before, but it did not manage to connect to the internet. I tried doing a f...

Web interface for smart bulbs

Hi easy question I hope. I'm having guest say soon. I used to give them a web address it was something like home.on and when they were connected to the google WiFi they could then control the lights in the house from this address. Ive upgraded to nes...

BigBen by Community Member
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Google WiFi connection failed

After a brief power outage yesterday, I cannot reconnect my Google Nest WiFi router to internet. Past issues have been resolved by a network reset in the Google Home app, with an occasional factory reset. Neither works this time. When I go to Google ...

Mvan1 by Community Member
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