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Google Nest Mesh Router sIntermittently Works

I have 4 routers distributed in my wireless network. The main one, which is Cat5 connected through a Belkin 4 port switch to my cable modem, no longer seems to work, or works only momentarily when restarted, then goes amber/orange.when I swap out two...

Greg61 by Community Member
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Wifi device usage report

Over the last few months my wifi usage at my rental unit has gone up a lot. I have the google wifi pods and I can see they do report device usage but only for the current month. Is there any way to get previous months usage data so I can see what dev...

No QR code or setup label on an AC-1304

I am trying to retrieve the default password to setup this unit, but when i login to the " ", it does not display the PSK option. Is there any other way to get the key or should i just throw this thing away? Below is...

Mok by Community Member
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Unable to Turn Off UPnP

I'm unable to turn off UPnP in the Home App for my Nest Wifi Pro. If I toggle it off in the Advanced Network Settings and then exit that page, once I return to that page, the UPnP has toggled back on again. Any help is appreciated.

Scood by Community Member
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Runnning two nest routers

We are running in the house a Google Nest router and point (Two Pack). We have run a new network cable out to our garage and was looking to put a second Google routes out there so all are running on the same network name, seamless transition. Is this...

POC766 by Community Member
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Wifi calling

Have a Google point router and when I try to make calls using my Pixel 7 pro phone with AT&t Wi-Fi calling I can hear people but people tell me that I'm dropping it and out

Zzurich by Community Member
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Resolved! Google router model H2D setup network?

Hi,Why my Google router (Mode H2D) has an inscription "Setup network: setupBE99.ybd"? What is it? I searched it on Google and could not get any hits.And also, it has a setup code U47FSU2A; what is it useful for?Thanks in advance for your help.

ricnergy by Community Member
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Fail to add nest wifi point to my 1st gen google wifi

I am trying to add a Nest wifi point to my existing 1st gen google mesh network (3 devices) but failed at the end with Something went wrong, please ensure that you are connected to the internet and try againAny advise?Thanks in advance.

samlaiws by Community Member
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