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Firewall issues?

I have a camera system Im trying to access remotely. Tech support for the camera systemsays they cant get in either because of the router firewall. How can I allow connection?? Thanks

Mb319 by Community Member
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Google WiFi lost internet connection

A new one on me.On Sunday, we suddenly lost internet connection via wifi. When I checked, the internet was up (one PC is hardwired to the modem). All devices showed that they were connected to wifi. Therefore the only possibility was that the main un...

Connection issues

Our house is set up with nest wifi router & 3 points. All devices work ok with it except for a new MacBook Air which although it connects to the network it isn’t getting any internet except when using Chrome browser? Any suggestions?

Cozzy by Community Member
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Mesh network blocking internet

My customer reports:.I'm on my desktop (not an Apple device) and the internet shows a strong signal on the "Leo" network, which is the one connected to Google Mesh. But when I try to visit any website, including my Gmail, it doesn't load and says "no...

Gene2 by Community Member
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Resolved! After Factory reset port forward don't work.

I had port forwarding working for years on my Google Wi-Fi.But then got a Verizon Internet Gateway and plug the Ethernet to the Google Wi-Fi I could not get the port forward to work so switch back and the 4 Google Wi-Fi's were all off line. I had to ...

Google Wifi Blocking Facebook

I’ve had my Google nest for quite some time and today we realized Facebook was refusing to load. Go off the Google onto the xfinity router and zero issues. Definitely the Google home. I did a factory reset on the Google home. After reset proceeded to...

Gldmn77 by Community Member
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Cast to Chromcast from PC on another subnet

I have been trying to cast from my PC to Chromecast after I set up Google Nest Wifi with no luck so hopefully, someone could suggest a working solution.Network set-up:Modem/Router 4 ports ( gateway, ->Port 1: Google Nest Wif...

ornesey by Community Member
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Support for bridge mode and mesh network

Hi,is anyone aware whether support for mesh network whilst in bridge mode is work in progress? Alternative do we have formal statement saying it will not be supported?Like-wise any word/update on VLAN tagging.Whilst I am altogether quite please with ...

Lebesgue by Community Member
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Resolved! Connecting a google wifi to another google wifi extender

Hi, I have a google wifi connected to my router. The router is at one end of the home that's on a fairly large property. The first extender is maybe 30 feet away and has good connectivity. The second extender is about another 30 feet away from the fi...

Nest WiFi and chromebooks wont sign in

There was a post in January 2022 that chromebooks were connecting to nest wifi, but unable to connect to the internet. A window pops up saying you may have to sign in. Like you do for some public wifi access points. The solution was to restart the ro...

Itsme1 by Community Member
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