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Benim by Community Member
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Wifi - Stand Alone? Few Questions about the platform

Hello, I am tech savvy and gadget loving. (Tweaking , fine tuning , building different things, and squeezing the most of out any and all devices I have for stable and performance based usage) That being said I've never looked into Google wifi or nest...

D36 by Community Member
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Slow wifi speed

My wifi speed has been very slow and inconsistent for the last week. I've restarted and reset my network, and the issue is still occurring. My wifi is pretty much unusable, is anyone else experiencing this issue? I've tried everything, and nothing ha...

Myron by Community Member
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Is there a way to connect my nest wifi "google assist" to my TV ? I use a local server and stream through apple and you tube TV .. I was hoping I could ask for movies and to turn tv on and off/?? Keeps asking me to set up with chromecast (?)

hefferc by Community Member
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Device not in port forwarding list

Does anyone know how the Google wi-fi device discovers the list of devices for the port forwarding list? I'm trying to setup up port forwarding on a wired device, but it doesn't appear in the device list. Even when I've reserved an IP for it. Thanks

saulcozens by Community Member
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Google Wifi download less than upload speed for new ISP connection

I have a new ISP connection, 200mbps. Using their router i reach 200m on upload and download. When i plug google wifi into their router OR directly into the modem I get 120m download and 200m upload on the speed test. Its definitely not the ISP conne...

Pete876 by Community Member
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Mesh network constantly drops

I bought a Nest router and 3 wifi points when I moved into my home 4 months ago, with the intention of eventually creating a smart home around the Google ecosystem. However, since day 1 I have had issues with mesh connectivity. I have my router in my...

JohnM13 by Community Member
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Resolved! Google Wifi not migrating my home network to Google Home

I have a Google WiFi mesh network in my home. I have always managed it though the Google WiFi app. Some time ago, I was notified by Google that Google WiFi would be replaced by Google Home. I have installed Google Home and when I went to Google WiFi ...

Dzim by Community Member
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Resolved! single nest wifi setup

Trying to setup a nest wifi router by itself. No additional access points. During the setup in the home app keeps searching for the mesh network devices. There are none. Using the single router. How do I continue setup? The home app just keeps search...

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