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Nest Mesh on the Farm's Outbuildings

Hi, I’m using Nest Mesh Wifi on my farm, and was wondering if the below could work. I somehow ended up w 4 routers and 5 points (long story) so getting units isn’t a limiting factor. My goal is to be able to walk from one end of the farm to another a...

FarmerY3 by Community Member
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Laptop buffering

I just purchased the Nest and one Point. My laptop is buffering on simple Google queries. I'm sitting in front of the router and it says Great Connection. I've tried rebooting the modem and router and also setting the laptop as Priority. It's really ...

WendyL by Community Member
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Step-By-Step Procedures to Connect a Nest Router as an Access Point

Can someone provider the step-by-step procedures from Google Home to add a new Router as an Access Point to an existing Network. I have tried everyone and keeps giving me the "Something Went Wrong". I even attempted to add the device as a Point (even...

clloyd by Community Member
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Terrible wifi connection

I have Spectrum and it’s currently bridged and I am using Google wifi as my router with 2 additional points. It’s is so terrible, poor connection everywhere. What can I do? “I have a 3200 sq ft ranch with 7 TV’s, 3 gaming pc’s and demon stereo system...

Benim by Community Member
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Wifi - Stand Alone? Few Questions about the platform

Hello, I am tech savvy and gadget loving. (Tweaking , fine tuning , building different things, and squeezing the most of out any and all devices I have for stable and performance based usage) That being said I've never looked into Google wifi or nest...

D36 by Community Member
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Slow wifi speed

My wifi speed has been very slow and inconsistent for the last week. I've restarted and reset my network, and the issue is still occurring. My wifi is pretty much unusable, is anyone else experiencing this issue? I've tried everything, and nothing ha...

Myron by Community Member
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Is there a way to connect my nest wifi "google assist" to my TV ? I use a local server and stream through apple and you tube TV .. I was hoping I could ask for movies and to turn tv on and off/?? Keeps asking me to set up with chromecast (?)

hefferc by Community Member
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Device not in port forwarding list

Does anyone know how the Google wi-fi device discovers the list of devices for the port forwarding list? I'm trying to setup up port forwarding on a wired device, but it doesn't appear in the device list. Even when I've reserved an IP for it. Thanks

saulcozens by Community Member
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