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Can I point a device to a specific mesh point Read more

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DHCP reservations don't take in some cases

Trying to reserve an IP address for a raspberry pi NAS device. I'm able to choose the device and set the address to the one I want in the Google Home app on Android. I've saved and confirmed the settings. However, when and the device boots it ignores...

tallthom by Community Member
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Google Nest Mesh Points not connecting

I purchased the Nest WiFi router and two points to use as my primary router and boosters for my Verizon service. The Verizon tech set up my router and it works great, but I can't get my points to connect to my network to provide the boost to other ar...

wittneyp by Community Member
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Google WI FI not showing up in devices

Have a Google Wi-Fi and a point set up in the house. Both had been working fine but today they both went off line and can not get them to show back up to set them back up. I did a factory reset after several tries but when I start a set up and it loo...

Glewis by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Wifi AC2200 Mesh System Router and Point Dropped Connection

In August on 2020 I purchased the Google Nest Wifi AC2200 Mesh System Router and Point. Coming from the Verizon FiOS set-up I was impressed with just about everything with my Nest system from unboxing to set-up, system management and reliability. The...

huristm by Community Member
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Resolved! Setting up Google Wifi AC-1304

Yesterday I upgraded my internet to gigabit plan, and the tech. said i'd need to reboot my cable modem/router to see the new speed. I did that, but the speed test still giving me the old speed like i used to have (around 206.7 Mbps download). Not sur...

Nest Doorbell Alert through Wifi point?

So I think that you can configure a Nest doorbell to alert you through a Google/Nest smart speaker, if you don't have a current doorbell. The question that I have is will the doorbell use the nest wifi points as a speaker and alert through those as t...

Resolved! Do I need to do this migration?

So, I got the email from Google telling me that I needed to "migrate Google Wifi to the Google App." I read about what that means -- better control in managing different Google products like Nest, etc. I don't have anything other than the Google Wifi...

DawnG by Community Member
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Google Nest Wifi - NAT Performance Issue

Nest Wifi Model : H2D and Software Version 13729.57.27In NAT ("normal") mode, the Google Nest performs source-NAT (translating IP addresses on the LAN/wifi side to the WAN IP address of the Google Nest as traffic exits the Google Nest WAN interface)....

iweeeeeee by Community Member
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gogle points and different floors

I am considering switching my home routers to google points. from what i read in the website it says " it best of the points "see" each other for optimum coverage.I live in a 3 floors house - how the coverage would be between floors, given my router ...

shayke100 by Community Member
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