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Resolved! Cannot connect to (or set up) Google Nest Mini

I have a (now older) Google Nest Mini, and ever since we switched to an AT&T network with mesh range extenders, I *can not* get this thing to connect.I've tried a hundred times, both with the usual Google Home app and the newer Device Utility app. Ev...

Google home group only playing on one speaker

In the last week whenever I cast to a speaker group it only plays on one speaker. I have restarted the Google devices, my phone and tried other android devices to cast, same result. I've deleted the home group and recreated, no change. I cannot get i...

Markyb by Community Member
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Google Mini can't connect to WiFi

I recently had a router upgrade, and my Google Home Mini couldn't connect to it. I went into the Google Home app as suggested, and reconnected - it seemed to find the Mini just fine, and the Mini bleeped as expected. The app asked whether I heard the...

Resolved! TIDAL and Other Streaming Apps

How can get my Google Nest to respond to "Hey Google, play Tidal" and have it respond analogously to the way it responds to "Hey Google, play Spotify"? Is the problem with Tidal or with Google?

bnmng by Community Member
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JBL speakers won't play in speaker group

I added 2 JBL WiFi speakers to my Google home system... Created a speaker group and added the JBL speakers to it... The first 2 month it worked perfectly, but now it won't work... I can add the speaker and they will play individually, but they are si...

Lundquist by Community Member
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Resolved! Deep Ramgarhia

Please sar my Google account could't verify this account belongs to you please register

Jaspreet by Community Member
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Google has terrible customer service

Has anyone ever had this issue. At this point I am at my wits end on what to do about this. I bought a Google home max speaker towards the end of 2020, got it on sale, was very happy with my purchase. And was happy to get one, because I wanted the su...

thereign by Community Member
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