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Sleep sense cant calibrate

Trying to calibrate sleep sense on a nest hub v2. Last setting is to calibrate sleep sensing;1. the Nest hub refers to calibrate on the phone through the Google Home App settings.2. The Google Home App refers to "Use the Nest Hub to calibrate again" ...

Resolved! Deezer with nest mini in Uruguay

Deezer is set as my Google home default music player. I am currently in Uruguay. Deezer works here on the phone app and I can cast to my mini. But, Deezer does not appear as my default music player, and when I tell the mini to play music it responds ...

nestuser7 by Community Member
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Google nest

I was able to choose an album from my iPad to play on the Google nest. It has suddenly quit working.

Kryder by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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G logo

  i have reached up to google for a solution and they jave admitted that the device is faculty and need to be replaced. However they asked me to follow up with the retailer or the vender who doesn't what is going on with my device. Last Email was sho...

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Resolved! Reminders

Hi allI just bought a Google Nest Audio smart speaker and really enjoying it. I'm still getting to know the device, and one of the issues I have is when I create reminders, all Google tells me is something like, "I have a reminder for >name<." But it...

SeaJay by Community Member
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Resolved! Google nest hub 2 - Cannot activate sleep mode on device

Hello,I am from Belgium and I have just purchased a Nest hub gen 2.I have difficulties activating the sleep tracking mode on the device.When I activate the sleep tracking in the Google Home app, everything seems fine but when I check on the nest hub ...

bgcom by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Google home smart speaker

I've got a Google home smart speaker, and was using it, all of a sudden it just cut off, the power for the speaker, plugged in and everything, won't turn on, done everything, is it just broke or is there a way to reset it?

Anorkus36 by Community Member
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