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My mini nest can play random music from my library in apply music without a problem, but when I ask it to play a specific playlist from my library it plays a playlist from apple that's similar in title but not the playlist from my library. How do I f...

april1107 by Community Member
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Does not call

Hi guys!please help me! I can't call with my Google Nest Hub from landline(Tim Italian operator), i need it for my elderly mom thank you very much! * sorry my english Italian support?

Diego1 by Community Member
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Morning routine not triggered by alarm

My morning routine is set to activate when cancelling my morning alarm, but when I set a Monday to Friday morning alarm the routine won't trigger. It will sometimes trigger if I just ask to be woken up at a random time in the day if I go for a nap bu...

LA8 by Community Member
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Sir please my gmail account. Goole could, t verify this account belongs to you please help me

Call ONLY Household contacts

Can I block access to my google account contacts and keep calling my household contacts? When I try to do it it tells me that it cannot call because it does not have permissions but the home contacts are supposed to be accessible to everyone regardle...

Wezky by Community Member
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Hi I’m just setting up routines, and several of the options seem a bit seems like the options for starters are voice command or turning of an alarm only. I’d love it if for instance my commute home routine started when I hit directions to ...

SonB by Community Member
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Unable to set alarms or timers.

I have a Nest Hub 1st gen that I have used reliability as an alarm clock for over a year. For some reason, it just decided to stop accepting commands related to timers and alarms. It displays on the screen exactly what I requested but states " I don'...

Maverick_ by Community Member
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