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New Functions and Bug Fixes

YouTube Music : It would actually be quite nice if you could take out a discounted subscription if you have bought one or more Google devices (€4.99).YouTube on FireTV devices : When commercials are shown, a new video is started although the old one ...

GeAd by Community Member
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Home hub max stuck on the Assistant swirling circles

My Home Hub Max recently has been stuck on the swirling circles for hours on end. I can take the power cable out and then it restarts ok but a few days later it will happen again. Thought it was an update but I checked and it's on the latest firmware...

michaelm by Community Member
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Nest Audio Bluetooth keeps disconnecting

Just purchased a Google Nest Audio this week.To my dismay, the Bluetooth on it just refuses to work.I try connecting it to my phone via Bluetooth, the connection works for about 3 minutes and then suddenly drops off. I can’t reconnect to Bluetooth.I ...

j0ashm by Community Member
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Wrong time setting on google nest

When I say "hey Google good morning ". My android phone will give correct time. But when I say "hey Google good morning". My nest give me a different time. I tried rebooting the nest, and still it did not work.Everything else works fine, like reporti...

Cepi by Community Member
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Feature request: two-way speaker intercom

Hi, hope this is the right place. I don’t know if it’s viable, but I’d love an option other than “broadcast” or “call” between speakers, for direct two way contact, like “hey google, patch to kitchen”- automatic live connection .. obv could be turned...

adcrk2 by Community Member
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