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Resolved! Google Hub will not reset

Google Hub was disconnected for three days. When plugged it in again it was on G on grey screen. Did factory reset and now it is just keeps coming to the "G". Recovery mode screen. Worked well before being unplugged for the three days.

ShortyB by Community Member
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Connect speakers to Chromecast on projector

Hi,We have two brand new Google home speakers, a new Chromecast connected to an Epson projector. We can play music and the Chromecast will display over the projector, but when we try to play Netflix or other video it will not connect to the speakers ...

How can I link my Spotify to my Google Home?

When I select Spotify to link as my Music Provider on Google Home I get the screen that reads "Link an account to control Spotify on any device" and click Continue. I then receive the screen that reads "When you link your accounts, Google will be abl...

tjh2o by Community Member
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Google nest hub max black screen

My Nest Hub Max isn’t showing any signs of power. The screen is black and won’t turn on. I have tried to reset the settings, that didn’t work. I have plugged it into a different outlet, also didn’t work. I can not hear any responses from google and m...

Resolved! Feature Request (Restrict Casting to Devices)

Request:Please integrate an option in the device settings for the Nest family, Android TV and Chromecast, which allows the device's owner to limit the casting access by other people on the same network to each of the mentioned devices. As far as I kn...

jonasrhr by Community Member
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Nest hub wifi password issue

Hi everyone. So I bought a new Nest hub and set it up on my wife's home account no problem worked perfectly. I then decided to connect it to my account instead and performed a factory reset. It now will not connect to my router at all no matter what ...

Fredd32 by Community Member
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Google nest wont cast apple music

Hi, I have recently linked my apple music account to my google account and when I tell my nest mini to okay some music it says “ok playing some music from apple music” and then nothing will be played. I have already tried rebooting my device and reli...

Bardia_as by Community Member
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