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Google hub display bricked??

Hi.our Hub wasn’t working properly so we attempted a factory reset and now it is stuck on the G logo.I see a lot of other people have this same problem. Any one have any tips?

Google Home not Reconnecting to Wifi???

I recently was given a google home as a gift from a previous roommate. Because of this, the GH was already set up with the wifi we have in the house. After downloading the GH app I saw that there were more options to integrate GH in to my everyday li...

nbrhud by Community Member
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Hangs up on g and reset doesn’t work

I have tried repeated to reset my google nest to factory settings in order to get it to reboot. Always hangs up on g logo. I understand this is a known issue and would like information on replacement.

Cecil by Community Member
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Change Google Nest Hub Screens

Hi all,I'd like to customize the Nest Hub screens, for example i'd like to put on the first screen al the devices i frequently control, on a second screen i'd likt tu put my most used google routines etc...Is it possible? I tried but i didn't find so...

Prog by Community Member
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Google Display

Hi everyone, so I bought my grandmother a Google display and she lives in a nursing home. The network they have there is only allowed to be on a guest AP network. If I bought a network extender then put that on a private network. Would that work for ...

Speaker Volume control in Routines?

I have a pair of Routines. One lowers the volume of each of my speakers individually one at a time, and runs at bedtime. The other One raises the volume of each of my speakers individually one at a time, and runs at waking-time.Since the commands are...

coyote2 by Community Member
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display time

I have a Nest Hub, generation 2. I have it set to display a full-screen clock when the Hub is 'not in use'. The clock face that shows is not ideal. I've tried to select an alternate display face, but the displayed clock face never changes. I've tried...

macspl006 by Community Member
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