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Apple Music won’t stop on Google speakers

When I ask google mini speakers to stop playing, the music stops, but then resumes randomly roughly within 5 minutes.this happens on all of my Google home mini speakers, various gens, they are not in groups and this didn’t happen using Spotify. I am ...

Penfold39 by Community Member
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Can Duo be used on a Nest Hub Max without a phone number?

I just bought 2 Nest Hub Max devices (1 for home (family use) and another for in-laws). Is there a way the Duo feature can work so they can call each other without my phone being associated with them? Also for potential Duo calls to me not show up on...

econr6 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Unable to remove a Nest Mini

My mother who lives in the granny flat attached to our house has had a Nest mini for some time. It is set up under her own Gmail address. She has her own 'home' and 'household' in the Home app.I bought myself a Nest mini today. I set it up under my o...

pbarring by Community Member
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Nest Mini 2 Not Responding

I added this Nest Mini (purchased directly from the Google Store) to my Google Home yesterday and it worked for about an hour and now it is blinking two orange lights, switching to four orange lights, and then the four white "thinking" lights. The de...

Resolved! Apps missing from 2nd gen nest hub

I recently bought the 2nd gen nest hub and was able to access the app tray from the bottom of the screen (Netflix, Pandora, podcasts, YouTube, etc). A few days ago the apps disappeared, now everything like Netflix is gone. Anyone noticed this and hap...

Nest Hub doesn't stop switch back to frame after lights are on

I've noticed in the last few months to a year, the nest hub is occasionally no longer switching back to the picture frame mode from the clock after the lights are turned back on. If I interact with it, it shows the frame then goes back to the clock a...

id013 by Community Member
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