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Update on Assistant experience on Nest Speakers & Displays Read more

Update regarding recent changes to speaker groups for Nest speakers, displays, a... Read more

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Resolved! Having trouble with Speaker groups? Read this first

Hi everyone, Thank you for continuing to notify us of the reliability issues you’re facing with your Speaker groups. I escalated these issues internally and the team is actively investigating a resolution. If you’re able, all feedback is appreciated!...

Browsing Apple Music playlists on Home Display

I used to be able to browse some of my Apple Music playlists/stations on my Google Home display. They would appear at the bottom of the screen while streaming Apple Music. This suddenly stopped working.

Marbo by Community Member
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Resolved! Google Nest Hub Max constantly disconnecting from Wifi

I noticed this was a problem as early as 6/2022. Google nest hub max. It's not the internet provider, not the router/modem (use 3 puck Google). It's the one device. I unplug, plug in, works fine for about 8 minutes. Then, it has disconnected from int...

Slboggs by Community Member
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google home mini randomly going off

Hello, I threw away my google home mini because i barely used it and all it would do is annoy me. It always randomly says stuff in the middle of the night at max volume like “HELLO HOW CAN I HELP YOU TODAY” and it even randomly sets an alarm at 5am a...

martin234 by Community Member
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Google Nest Hub doesn't recognise its name.

If I ask my Nest Hub to "Open YouTube" it opens it on my living room TV.If I ask it to "Open YouTube on [Nest Hub Name] it says "I don't recognise that device."The name is correct, as the transcription of my voice command is correct.How can I open Yo...

Time displayed for device in Amman is incorrect

The time displayed on my Nest Hub Max is incorrect. If I ask Google for the time, it is correct, but the time displayed on the screen is incorrect. This is likely due to the fact that Jordan recently decided to not change their clocks back an hour in...

Neshmi by Community Member
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Nest hub max will not connect to wifi

Nest hub max.Bought one yesterday.Got it connected to my Google home first try fine. Set up the camera. Did all my personal settings. It was working fine. Made a duo call etc.Goes to bed.This morning it's dropped off and looks to want resetting up fr...

5tiffler by Community Member
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Totally waste

Going back to Alexa unless I can get a way to fix this Google device that won't have me sitting forever to get it to restart! I mean really!

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