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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Sound notifications for packages using Google Doorbell?

Hi! I just got a Google doorbell (battery, not wired) and it came with a Nest mini. I am using the Google Home app to control it and the doorbell does chime inside when pressed, however, I cannot seem to get the other types of notifications to make a...

Brilengel by Community Member
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Devices stuck in deleted "Limbo Home"

Hey everyone,Does anyone have the slightest idea how to recover a deleted home? Ever since i deleted a "home" to make a new one since we moved, my iRobot linked account is getting a "Unknown error" when i try to link it (Even tho the Home app says "L...

AtomArne by Community Member
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Cannot login

I no longer have the phone number I originally used when I created my nest account. I know my login and password but it requires a code to login past that. It is sending the code to a phone number I no longer have. Is there a way to send the code to ...

chris13 by Community Member
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Nest Cameras - No notification setting through home app

Hi there!I have had nest cameras for years and years--I did the migration over to Google Home. I can see my cameras there but I still get alerts through the Nest app.I just added a new camera today--the setup forced me to go through Google Home. The ...

broken routine

Hi! Not sure what category this would fall under as it's not a routine I have to initiate at all. But at 9pm every night google says the following "time for bed nighty night night night. Goodnight". It used to work very well, but a recent update real...

duglop by Community Member
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cameras and thermostat connectivity issues

The issues I am having span multiple products and are found in both the Nest and the Google Home app. I am going to summarize them here to see if there is anyone else having the same (or similar) issues.Upon waking this morning, none of my 6 cameras ...

Service down for several hours - not updated on nest site?

I'm currently showing my nest guard and nest cams all offline as of about 4am (pacific time) - now about 5 hours down time. My nest thermostat is currently online.Down detector shows a spike in reported issues but nest/google's services show green ac...

kknutson by Community Member
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Unable to reset Nest password- linked phone number has changed

I lost my password to the nest app. I wanted to reset the password but the nest app points to my old phone. How do I regain access to my nest account? Is it better to start a new account? Can I just delete my existing account and create a new account...

drhenner by Community Member
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Resolved! Google home add family member

Excepting a family member to google home. How can I limit what they can do and see. I'm the main person household just don't want them able to change things.