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Google home app

After the Google home app update all my none google devices show as off line and I can no longer control my plugs thru Google there a fix or is it anther Google update that has made the app far worse

Hindle1bh by Community Member
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Nest Yale not connecting

I have tried everything including deleting and now I can't get it added back into my Nest I keep getting connectivity issue errors

Radio station suddenly not playing

On Google Home, now get message, "Sorry, something went wrong. When you're ready, give it another try." I deleted the Google Home app, and reinstalled. Problem persists. This was my daily listening station until a couple of days ago. Other stations p...

SAK by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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new phone

I bought a new phone, so now when I say "find my phone", it still finds my old phone. How do I get it to find my new phone ( use to ring the phone even when it was silenced). Was very handy.

Limiting Household members access to Google Home app

How do you limit other household members' access to the products in the Google Home app?I only want them to be able to see the cameras and doorbell but not be able to change settings or turn on/off the cameras.

JHChang29 by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! Presence sensing not showing in settings

Hi, I have used the google Home app to manage my Sonos Devices and Chromecast compatible streaming devices for some time now.I have bought Philips Hue lights and a Google Nest Hub gen 2 and would like to activate Presence sensing on my phone for when...

Stounino by Community Member
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