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Google Home -Sharing Devices 2 Users?

Had Nest products set up on two separate users accounts, I deleted one home account because it only some of the devices and husband kept his. Now I can’t get access to this Google Home even though he has invited me. Before I could use the Nest camera...

Google won't let me log-in to my Nest account

In the last 2-3 weeks my Nest login stopped working on both the app and desktop. I had my password saved on my iPhone and desktop, so I know I'm using the correct credentials. I keep getting the message to sign-in with Google, I never get an email wi...

tkline by Community Member
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How do I know if my boyfriend is connected to my phone?

How to connect humidifier

I have a Levoit humidifier in my bedroom that I can control with the VeSync app and is connected to my 2.4Ghz home network.I did an update this morning and noticed that I’m supposed to be able to control it with the Google Home app but I can’t seem t...

Rob905 by Community Member
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Billed for TV even if I have prime membership

My wife and I are 74 and we bought a smart TV 2 months ago. I have prime month membership but I am getting billed $14.45 for Amazon Channels eventhough the video series " Mcloud's daughters" says it is free on prime . What can we do to dispute the ch...

2022frank by Community Member
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Google Live Transcribe

My 96-year-old mother is now completely deaf. I recently discovered Google Live Transcribe. which has been a big help in communicating with her using my Android phone. I wanted to find a way she had something simple with her all the time in her room ...

Rod32 by Community Member
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Hacking family member

My cousin who used to live with us, had access to my home WiFi. Every since he lived with us (which he is no longer allowed near my home!) our hubs and other smart home devices (including my iPhone!) have been messing up. Long story short I know for ...

Nsig by Community Member
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