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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Change account WearOS Pixel Watch

Hello!I have two accounts, my personal main one and a "joint" one with my wife i.e just a different email we both use. My Pixel Watch is mainly under my personal account, but I do also have my joint account listed in the accounts section in Settings....

Media Alarm Set to Spotify vs Google Assistant Alarm

I have the media alarm set daily to Spotify music to begin at 4 am. I am now all of a sudden getting this Google Assistant extremely annoying bong alarm each morning instead of my music. If I go into my Home app I can see that Spotify is playing alth...

RSVCS1 by Community Member
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GridConnect devices offline in Google Home

I have a Google Nest Wifi network and having trouble with an Arlec smart powerboard. The powerboard uses GridConnect app which is linked to my Google Home app. The device initially shows a connection error in the GridConnect app home screen, but when...

SBscho by Community Member
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WIFI connection

I have tried myriad times to connect my Nest speakers to my internet but am getting the same answer every time - Can't connect to wifi - even though I have checked the password very time. Use a Huawei dongle and all my other devices connect effortles...

MikeR1947 by Community Member
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google home app

Had a nest thermostat installed yesterday, and cannot get the device to register with the google home application.All I get is the error message issue contacting google try later. This is my first time downloading the home application, created my acc...

kpovey by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Don't run light routines when away

Hey all, I have Phillips Hue lights with the Hue bridge and Google Nests. Was primarily using Hue’s automations in their app to control the lights at set times, just switched to setting them up as Routines in Google Home to try and fix this problem I...

eldubinoz by Community Member
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Google home mini keeps asking me to sign in

I’ve logged in a few times and it’ll stay for a few hours and now it just won’t even recognize my account when I try to link them. This is super frustrating. I looked at the other threads on this issue and they were all closed out with no solution sh...

Tffnny by Community Member
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Have my son's profile on our Google Nest Hub

Whilst my 10yo son has a google account and is linked in "family link". I can't work out how to make him the profile on our new Google Nest Hub instead of me. Any tips? Thanks

lotsbg by Community Member
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Control who can add/remove devices in my Home

Is there a way to restrict certain members of my Household from adding/removing devices in my Home? My family members, including 2 children, are configured as members of my Household. I recently received a notification that a device was removed from ...

KV1 by Community Member
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