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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Nest and Nest hub max not working

Last night all out Google cast devices decided to go offline for no apparent reason. Reset all today and got the chromecasts working again with nil issues. However our best he b max and nest hub 1st generation will not link back to our home in the Ho...

HC by Community Member
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Nest thermostats App without any setting temperature dial

Hi, I use nest thermostats app since 7 years with no issues. Today it shows only at home or out icons with no way to get to the temperature dial or scheduling icons. A useless app now. I tried few times to reinstall and iOS is up to date. Any suggest...

Mirkoba by Community Member
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Can 2 houses use the same nest subscription?

I have two houses on my nest app. But only one of them is using my subscription so that I can see motion from the past. How can I link my second house to my nest aware subscription?

Resolved! Syncing Google Calendar with Google Home

I imported a calendar to a Samsung S21 Plus from an iPhone. I then loaded a Google Calendar and it imported the data from the iPhone Calendar. I now want to sync the Google Calendar with Google Home. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

KLW by Community Member
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Phillips hue

I am unable to add Phillips hue zones to google home app. It was working before, but since I try to add a new zone it removed all other zones that were working. Please advise.Many thanks

chai by Community Member
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Nest app showing my thermostats offline

I had 2 Thermostats connected to my nest app. I checked it today and they are showing offline on the app. However the thermostats are showing that they are connected to a account. How do I find out what account they are connected to? I also noticed t...

TonyShirt by Community Member
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Nest Cam Battery Wired Cant Mute Live Feed iPhone

Hello, I've posted this question a few months ago but had the thread locked without an explanation. viewing the live feed. I use the v...

Dickie by Community Member
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google home app start up want let me set up

after downloading the google home app onto my android phone proceeded to set the app and device up. app want let me pass the page where the different term statement and ok at the bottom screen

wiggles by Community Member
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