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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Roku TV no connected with Home app

Hi all,When I try to connect my Roku Hisense TV with my Google hub, this is the message I get : "No compatible devices were found in your Roku account You may need to set up these devices with Roku first. If you have already set up devices, they may ...

Phillips Hue “Something went wrong”

I’ve used Phillips Hue with Google Home for years. I have 60 Phillips bulbs and multiple rooms setup in Hue and then replicated in Google Home.Recently an automation (“Good Morning”) started failing - saying “Sorry - that device isn’t available” - so...

Mattcray by Community Member
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Notifcation Error

Whenever I ask my Google Home to remind me about something, it always tells me there was an error retrieving a previous notification. This notification never pops up on my phone. How can I delete this error so it stops telling me about it?

Bruce1967 by Community Member
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Roku will not allow me to control in google home app

I just bought a new roku tv and linked my account multiple times and when I try to click on my tv it says: "something went wrong" I can't control it with Google home mini. Tv fast start is enabled. How do I fix this?

Mike1198 by Community Member
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Unable to remove/unlink device

I added an LG ThinQ device years ago. I'm trying to remove it but unable to. I can add a duplicate LG thin Q device and remove that one, but the old one I am unable to remove.It appears this has been an issue for many years with various convoluted an...

dizzy0ny by Community Member
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Google Home cannot get fully saturated colour

Hello,My google home's set light colour doesn't match with the light's colour. For example when I set the colour to red, on the RGB scale it shows as 255 red, 50 green, and 50 blue, I've tested this with other brands of lights and they do not show 25...

MaxHuang by Community Member
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Nest Mini wont factory reset

my nest mini suddenly stopped responding and wont factory reset. this seems to be a common issue of late. has Google issued an official response?

theDon911 by Community Member
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Google Assistant and locked phone

Hello!When i use the Google Assistant via Smartphone, i have the following issue:1. Me - Hey Google2. Me- Open the garage door3. Assistant - Can i have your pin? (this is because Smart Life account is integrated with Google Home). If you could develo...

MeeKrobul by Community Member
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