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Your helpful home keeps getting better with the redesigned Home app and easy to ... Read more

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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Account recovery

Hello I lost my Google Account from my phone. I did not remember the password. I was given the recovery option and the code came to my registered mobile number and after entering it a password reset link was sent to my email but I have to retrieve my...

Baz by Community Member
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Cannot reconnect Nest Cam to Home app

I have a Nest Hello Doorbell (Wired) and a Nest Cam with Floodlight connected to my home wireless network. The device and wireless network configuration:Frequency: Dual-band, using 2.4 and 5 GHz. Wireless mode: 802.11a/n/ac mixediOS 15.1Until a few d...

Can’t connect Nest to Google Home app

I have just purchsed two Next Protect smoke detectors. I have doenloaded the Android app and successfully connected them to the Nest applicaiton. However, when I try to connect the Nest app to Google Home. I get stuck and believe it is because of a b...

luiscar by Community Member
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Resolved! What's the future of the Nest app?

I just learned that new devices (e.g., 2021 cameras, thermostats, doorbells) only work with the Google Home app and NOT the Nest app. Does this signal the end of the Nest app?

Resolved! Need help with my Nest Account Migration Google Account

When logging into the nest app it takes me to my google account.I hit enter and it takes me to screen with my google Account. Then it goes to the screen below and get a half circle and it shows an error message "There was a problem connecting to the ...

mgribe_0-1641823515390.png unnamed.jpg
mgribe by Community Member
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My gmail account is not recovering

Please help me in recovering my gmail account. I forgot my password and my number in which this i'd was there is not available now. ¥please help me to recover my gmail account.#########Thank you

Shubhu75p by Community Member
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Philips Hue Bluetooth permissions

I’ve had a Philips Hue Bluetooth (no bridge) light for some months which worked with Google Home without any issues however, now it doesn’t. I’ve to set it back up with Google home but once I add the app and it takes me to the app page to log in it c...

Carolplus3 by Community Member
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My Gmail account is not recovering

Please help me in recovering my Gmail I'd .. I had forgotten it's password and my no. In which this I'd was there is not available now .¥. Please help me in recovering my Gmail I'd .#########Thankyou

Tannu by Community Member
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