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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Google home not functioning

 Google Home issues FIRST ISSUE:Music has unlinked from my Apple Music It now won’t link to any music as there are no options All attempts to link or ‘add’ Music through Settings in Google Home gets the following page - stating as per attached screen...

Jody2_0-1702927187261.png Jody2_1-1702927187262.png Jody2_2-1702927187262.png Jody2_3-1702927187262.png
Jody2 by Community Member
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Sengled app issues

Hi I have unlinked my sengled account in the home app but the lights are still there, I cannot delete them and when i try to link the sengled account again because i have 3 other lights it says no compatible sengled devices. I only unlinked the sengl...

Google Nest Door Bell iPhone Notifications

Can Google please give iPhone users an option to select a custom alert tone for the nest doorbell? Unlike Android, Apple has such strict guidelines and control over what you can do with their phones. Maybe Google can assist in someway? The doorbell n...

Mikey50 by Community Member
  • 1 replies
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Email not Verified error...

Just signed up to the community to add to the following post: Error message when syncing devices - Google Nest CommunityBut when trying to post a comment, I see the following error: "Sorry, either you cannot reply to this topic or you have not verifi...

Cannot connect " Ikea Smart " app to google home.

I just bought a Ikea Dirigera Hub and i want to connect it to my Google Home app. But is keeps crashing.What i do ( step by step ).*In the google Home app i go to Devices. * Click on Add and select " Works with Google Home"* Then i see a list of apps...

LigerZero by Community Member
  • 13 replies
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Tuya Thermostat can not be set and shows no values in home App

HiI got myself a couple of tuya Thermostats for my radiators and they are working just fine with the tuya smart App.I liked my tuya account to Google home to get the thermostats into my home app. This seems to work fine. It shows up but as soon as I ...

Sirlodwil by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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No radio on Google Home

I don't seem to have the possibility to add a radio station to my Home App. Under "services" I see "video", "music", "podcast" and some other features, but "radio" is missing. How can I add a radio station?

1970rache by Community Member
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Home unable to connect to Wyze home

My Google home used to connect to my Wyze account. Approximately 2 months ago, I disconnected wyze home with the intention to reconnect it. (I bought the new wyze V3 doorbell and needed it to connect to my Google home.) To date, I have not been able ...

James618 by Community Member
  • 10 replies
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