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google wifi

I have a google wifi installed in my house that works I am unable to see it in google wifi app and now that they moved to google home it is not listed there eitherhow do i get control over the google wifi again?

Resolved! I have lost all my devices from nest

I have lost all my devices on my nest account, Not sure how I can restore them. I also can not sign in teh NEst services via the appPlease help

bunnik2 by Community Member
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Google Home App show offline devices

Is there a way to show all devices that have been connected to the WiFi at any point? Sometimes I will open the app and it will show devices that are offline like my phone if I’m not home. Other times it just shows the devices that are currently conn...

How I fixed W5 connection error

Hi all! I fixed my W5 error!! It also wasn’t coming on when I walked by. Here’s what I did… I pulled off the thermostat and on the back there’s a spot to charge it. I charged it for about 20 minutes, pushed it back on and Voila! It found my network i...

YouTube connection problem with Nest WiFi

Hello everyone! Hope you can help.I've been having problems between YouTube and Nest WiFi. The app in smartphones (iOS) is always lagging and videos do not play well. Also, the same app is having connection issues in my Smart TV (Android) even saying...

LexMR by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Please let g-suite admin allow google home integration.

I'm unable to add my wife to my google home. The closest I can find is make a normal gmail, and then have the g-suite account and TRY to share as much from the g-suite account to the normal account. Like CAL but still when she say's "What's on my cal...

jkosanke by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Resolved! Temp Text too tiny

Is anyone else having trouble reading the tiny text numbers in the Nest app? The temps shown for each sensor are very small and I feel like I need a magnifying glass to see the temps in the Sensor Schedule screen and the History screen. Changing the ...

Slsircar by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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broadcast speakers every morning

every morning 5:30 am all my speakers says" good morning" only one timei try all to delete this but i can'twhere do i have to look for this ?i can't find it in alarms or in broadcast

Apple account no longer linked??

My apple music account shows up as linked in the companion app but when I ask to play music the Nest says the account is no longer linked.I tried playing music with this account in other devices and it works, this is only happening in the nest. Odd e...

Greeman by Community Member
  • 9 replies
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