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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Sync My smart home devices shows old stuff

All, when I try to Sync My smart home devices "okay Google, Sync My smart home devices", the home APP shows some of My old phones im not using anymore and outdated Settings from an old hue Bridge. Anyone knows how to reset These Settings? Home APP sa...

LukasS by Community Member
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No setup option for Nest Thermostat

The new Google home app does not have a QR code option for adding new devices. Currently installed 2 Nest thermostat with no way to set them up.

RayKayy by Community Member
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Add wired Doorbell

In Home App. I choose "Add device", New device, Doorbell, I try to scan the QR code, and App kicks me back to screen to"Add Device".Tried 5 times. I do not get a check mark indicating the QR code was scanned.Help?

RoninCG by Community Member
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I still see speaker groups that were deleted

Hello,I recently joined this whole smart home thing, and bought many google nest minis as well as a nest audio.I was having trouble casting music to one of my rooms, and ended up testing in many ways, like creating different speaker groups, renaming ...

epaneto by Community Member
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Migrate to Google Account not available

I bought my first Google doorbell and wan to add it to my Nest account, but it keeps telling me that it will be done in Google Home. I've seen a lot of posts about moving all of your Nest devices to Google and how to "Migrate to a Google Account". I ...

Nest app on iPad isn't displaying up to date information

I have the Nest app on my (old) iPhone and (new) iPad. The app on the phone always displays up to date information but the “history” section on the iPad is sometimes one or two days behind. I can’t seem to find a way to force it to refresh. I’ve trie...

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