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Light bulb

How do I command my light bulb through nest

Nest app won’t work without wifi

Recently the nest app stopped working when I was not connected to Wi-Fi. I thought it was my phone but I got a new iPhone 13 and still having a problem. Everything works fine when I’m on the Wi-Fi network. The app works on my fiancés phone whether sh...

Schett321 by Community Member
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dead email

I can no longer access the e_mail that was used on my Nest account I have my password but google wants to send a code to my dead e_mail how do I change this to my Gmail account?

bwater by Community Member
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Changing my registered phone number on account

Ive changed my phone number but cannot find any option to tell Nest this. When I sign in I can find "change your email" and "change your password" but no option to change phones.I've had to cancel two stage verification because it would only send a c...

Nest app

I bought a new iPhone, and now when I open the app I can’t see my temp or make changes with it like I’ve always been able to. I’ve done all the troubleshooting suggestions. I’m at a loss to why this happened. Home Screen just says home and outdoor te...