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cameras history

history just signed up for nest aware can I look at previous histor

Cannot get playback to work on Nest cameras

I am unable to get the playback to work on my nest cameras. I have five (5) cameras. I have gone through the forums and done everything.. I have updated the app - Resubscribed to Nest Ware Plus even, my internet is 600mpb down / 40 up. I have reset m...

Add guns and weapons detection to Aware?

With the spate of gun violence that has happened, is it possible for google to add weapons to the Nest IQ aware system? It already looks for familiar people, can it also search for things like guns and knives? I think it would be very helpful start t...

Nest Aware Subscription (South Korea)

Hi, I live in South Korea. I bought 6 nest Battery Cameras to put up around my building. After installing a few I realized South Korea isn't on the list of countries that allows a Nest Aware subscription. Is there a reason why I can't buy the subscri...

Google ruined Nest iOS App

I’ve paid for a product that no longer works. The Nest Cameras and iOS app has worked flawlessly for years until Google bought it. Now video playback never works. This is not a user issue. Their video playback feature fails every time I use it. The G...

trygve by Community Member
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Nest Aware a Sacm?

I purchased an annual subscription to Nest Aware on April 5th. It was supposed to automatically start when my 30-day free trial ended, but it did not activate. I already checked that the email associated with the purchase is the same email associated...


Why is the Portuguese language still not available? We are the 9th most spoken language in the world...Native speakers: 221 millionNon-native speakers: 13 millionPortuguese is another of the languages that expanded in the European colonial period. To...

netfritz by Community Member
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