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Nest Wifi v Nest Wifi Pro

I have a Nest Wifi with 2 points, with built in speakers. I'm planning to upgrade my wifi to Nest Wifi Pro. I know my current points aren't compatible as wifi-points, but wondering if they can still be configured as smart speakers only with Nest Wifi...

JSE1969 by Community Member
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Dropping connection

I have a Google nest WiFi router and 4 nest WiFi access points… I have been using them since mid 2020. Some small hiccups every once in a while but nothing that hasn’t been resolved. Starting around dec 20th my connections keep dropping. Randomly som...

Mlaran by Community Member
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Resolved! Will a UK bought Nest wifi work in Hong Kong?

Hi there,I have a UK bought Nest Wifi and wifi point. I am moving to Hong Kong and want to know whether these will work in Hong Kong or is this some restriction put in place?Thanks!

Nest Wifi Mesh

My Google app updated to version 3.11.104 a couple of days ago and my wifi mesh point stopped working. I have factory reset the mesh point, but I can never get it to connect to the wifi again. It will timeout or not connect. Any recommendations on ho...

Devices Not Connecting to Main SSID but Guest

I have the Nest router wifi with two access points. I'm having issues where I have some devices won't connect to the main SSID network. However, when I setup that guest network those devices that would not connect to main are connecting to the guest....

murryd by Community Member
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Only getting 100MBs with Google Wifi, all APs Wired

Hello forum,I've read some other threads about the same topic and it seems like they never really get resolved, or not in ways that are repeatable from me.I have Google Wifi Pro 6E, with the main router on the ground floor, and an access point in the...

Your Nest Wifi Setup Failed

Hi! I have a friend who is experiencing this issue:Even though she has a Google Wifi, it's saying that its "Nest Wifi"I even went to her house just to set it up myself and it still has the same error.I did a factory reset to see what happens, but sti...

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Michiru by Community Member
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Performance degrades over time

For some reason our wifi network degrades over time. At first it would take a week or so, then it would take a day. Now I'm restarting the network multiple times per day. When I say degrade, I mean that ping times increase in variability and reach we...

jneeley78 by Community Member
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connectivity from net mesh hub to access points

Hey all,I am having a problem with loss of speed from hub to access points. In fact, I'm not even sure the access points are emitting any signal. The speakers all respond when playing a "whole house" Spotify tune, but speed tests from the access poin...

waldodok by Community Member
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