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3 Piece set wi-fi and one unit fail to connect

Hi all,I'm using a 3 PC set and one unit will not find the extender.I have a combo modem/rauter from bell and one unit out of 3 is wired to the router of the internet provider. The second pod find the wired pod right away. The third will search and f...

Nma by Community Member
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nest Points Weak Signal

1 main - 4 points. all within 25 feet of oneStrong interest speed tests always 'blazing fast'Points for no reason switch between good and weak. Dominated by 'weak'No overloading. It will show weak even at less than 1 mb/s activityWorked great for lon...

JasonCF by Community Member
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Starlink Gen 2 and Google Nest

We have the gen 2 Starlink (rectangular dish) and the ethernet adapter. I have tried putting Starlink into Bridge mode and plugging in my existing Google WiFi. The lights on the Google turn white, indicating it is seeing a signal, but I am not gettin...

Karatekai by Community Member
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Printing with my Google Nest Mesh

Hi,I purchased a Google Nest Mesh network (router and 2 wifi points) several weeks back. Our old modem (which is still used to receive the broandband connection and feed it into the mesh router) is where my PC is connected to the network via ethernet...

gregjpage by Community Member
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Nest Wi-Fi and Verizon g3100 router

I have Verizon Fios for TV and internet. Currently have a 3100 router from Verizon hooked up to a nighthawk. I really can’t stand my NH so trying an AC2200 system. What’s the best way to set this up? I know I need to keep my 3100 for TV. I know I nee...

Dawitz28 by Community Member
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Nest Wifi fails to setup wifi

I am getting the "Something went wrong..." message when setting up my Nest wifi router. I have gone through all of the suggested troubleshooting and it still will not set up the wifi. The odd part is the router is still working with the CAT5e connect...

D_Smith by Community Member
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Certain Websites will not load

Certain websites will not load across my home network. There are some big-name company pages that won't load, but there are also local companies that won't load up either. I originally thought that it was just the computer, then I tried a different P...

Waldo24 by Community Member
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How to connect an older nest

We have three white circular nest wifi devices that we bought about 4 years ago when we moved to our town. Our wi fi is working but I want to add the third device we were previously not using because we remodeled a part of our house and I need to ext...

mastel by Community Member
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