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Resolved! Google WiFi 6 to Nest Pro - What is the process?

I have a Google WiFi 6 router for my 1GB fiber service. I need QoS and have been told I need to switch to Nest Pro. Does Nest Pro natively support fiber or do I need to add Nest Pro to the existing fiber router and then disable the WiFi functionality...

Google Nest WiFi Pro - SLOW Internet Speeds

I have been struggling with my Nest WiFi Pro. I have one router, 2 ap's. Normally they work great. LAtely they started to slow to where my download speed its around 15Mbps. I have a Cox Gigablast 1Gbps connection. Rebooting the Google WiFi Pro router...

jbutina by Community Member
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Resolved! Google Wifi entry point does not connect to internet

hi there,I cannot setup google wifi entry point since it does not connect to internet. I already followed all the instructions, rebooted to factory settings, deleted and installed again Google Home app into my iPhone. After trying all this, it reache...

WD NAS Connection Issues With My PC

I just installed a Nest Wifi Pro in my home and all seems to be working with on exception. I have a Western Digital MyCloud Home that was connected to my other router network via an ethernet switch. When I plugged the switch into the main Nest Point,...

BobBrown by Community Member
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Resolved! Google Home Wifi

Is there a way to limit the bandwidth when setting up a guest wifi with my google wifi mesh?

tekimj by Community Member
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Resolved! List of devices on Google WiFi

Is there any way to generate a list of all devices on a Google WiFi network, including IP addresses and MAC addresses? I have over 40 devices on my network. Many are listed as Unknown Devices. I'd like to figure out which ones these are and rename th...

lakeguy55 by Community Member
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Mesh wifi is slow

Hello, I’ve been trying to search through all the posts, but cannot find my particular issue (or an answer). My google wifi (AC1200 with two additional hubs) is slowing my speeds to a crawl. When I run a speed test it clears up the wifi speeds for a ...

abergren by Community Member
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Can't see my network devices

I need to be able to edit the names of wifi clients that get added to the network and see their IP and MAC address.I add a lot of devices that have no local interface for showing that type of information, so I'm completely dependent on the router to ...

onlywifi by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Wifi pro Australian Release date

Hi, Can you please provide an update on the availability of the Nest Wifi Pro in Australia?I have been holding out for this product for around one year. All of my cameras are Google Nest which is why I wanted to stick with Nest Wifi. However, my netw...

dl123 by Community Member
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