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Google Nest Wifi Pro- Buggy-where are the UPDATES?

First, the time google wifi purchase. I was looking forward to fixing all my wifi dead spots and fixing multi-room audio with my other nest speakers. While it's made multi-room audio work better, everything else is significantly less stable than my p...

Luke8 by Community Member
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Google Wi-Fi issues

Big problems in the last couple weeks, intermittent connection it’s now a daily routine. Provider working well, performed few tests and got the conclusion the Google Wi-Fi is the problem. Resented entire network, change the principal router in the me...

Guicamarao by Community Member
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Nest Extender with PS5

i have google internet with the white puck wi-fi set up in my room at the back of the house and i got an extender for the ps5 in the living room to be able to connect to google’s superior internet speeds but i can’t find the wi-fi EXTENSION in the ps...

wood210 by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Nest WiFi point randomly going offline

I know there is another thread for the same issue which is going on for over two years and has almost 1,500 comments/complaints, but there is exactly 0 responses from any google reps recently. Me, like many many others with the same issue would to ge...

Lohmatiy by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Disable DHCP on Nest router to use alternate router in front of it.

There are a few posts on this and many mentions online about limiting the DHCP pool to 1 etc.However, what I have is a GL-MT2500 VPN capable router as my first incoming WAN connected device, then my LAN port going to the Nest wifi router which has a ...

jonscobie by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Mesh Network Wireless Wan Configuration

My mother has a T-mobile home internet modem. She finds it gets better reception in the living room, rather than the home office with the Nest Mesh Network is attached to mulitiple devices (both wireless and wired).I've set up a $25 Trendnet router u...

Drew5316 by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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New Mesh system

I just connected a mesh system. The main mesh device is connected to a modem and is named "Office" .There are two additional connected mesh units in a bedroom and living room.Regardless of the location of a TV all items connect to "Office" Is that ho...

tomtoad by Community Member
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Connecting primary wi-fi

Hi, I have the Google Mesh system. I want to clarify about how to set up the initial unit. I have Verizon Fios and the router already gives me a wi-fi system. It appears that when I connect the primary unit to the router with a Ethernet cable, it cre...