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Can I point a device to a specific mesh point Read more

Unable to add google wifi into google nest Read more

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Wi-Fi speed not going past 100mbs

Google Wi-Fi speeds seriously slow, there barely hitting 100 mbs, Ive researched the internet and can see this is a common issue, has Google sorted this out or am I stuck with router reads 900+mbs so I know it’s not the ISP.

Mike40 by Community Member
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Nest Wifi support with Verizon 5G home

I currently have Nest Wifi plugged into a Cable Modem internet service and just added Verizon 5G Home Wireless home internet, powered by 5G Ultra Wideband to the home. I switched over mobile phones to the Verizon Gateway and plan to test the service ...

StevenMc by Community Member
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Resolved! Replace main Wi-Fi puck?

I have donated my 1st gen Google WiFi to my dad and last week the main puck died. No longer will power up. I have purchased a refurbished one and need to know the best way to get everything back on online. Hopefully I don't have to rebuild everything...

bverdon by Community Member
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Resolved! Dead Spots with Google Mesh Network

We live in a 1500 square foot, single floor house and have the first gen Google Wifi Mesh Network. This has worked without issue in previous locations (last house was 2000 square feet, across 3 floors). In our current place, We have a node in the mas...

jdolbeer by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest router

I recently purchased Nest WiFi router with one point, seems to be working good for now. My only concern is the lack of ethernet ports! My one ethernet port from the router feeds an 8 port ethernet switch in another room, my wife works from home and w...

britman98 by Community Member
  • 9 replies
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Resolved! Some advice on mesh Wi-Fi network needed

Greetings. I have a three puck 1st gen Google Wi-Fi network. 1200 sq. ft. Single story house with a detached garage. Primary puck is wired per usual to the modem on one end of the house, with another puck sitting mid-house in a kitchen window to faci...

Thepoint by Community Member
  • 11 replies
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Instagram and other platforms do NOT load on Google WiFi

I have Google nest wifi mesh. When connected to this network, I am unable to load Instagram stories. When I switch to another network, I am able to load Instagram stories. Similar issues occur intermittently with other platforms such as IFTTT. I am u...

Resolved! Google Points blinking red

Ok so I believe it's what's called the google wifi points? It is pulsing red... I've tried everything I can think of... but it will not connect to my internet... I mean... my desktop is able to connect to the router via Ethernet... but how is it that...

Mele by Community Member
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Google Wifi - devices reported wrongly offline

I would like to configure port redirection to one of my laptop that is connected on the wifi, but unfortunately this device is reported as offline (so I have no dynamic information like the dhcp IP and I can't configure a port redirection to it) for ...

ssejourne by Community Member
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Nest Wi-Fi not connecting

Just tried to add my nest Wi-Fi with 2 extra hot points to Sky Wi-Fi network and it say you are not connected right at the end of the set up, HELP

Leonc22 by Community Member
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