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Router name change -- what are the issues

Hi -- I'm not even sure I chose the right "labels" (above). Here's the deal. I have had several google home nests in my house for years, set up by someone else. Today I was trying to connect my iPad to my online tv service, only to find out from FIOS...

AnnKittr by Community Member
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wifi mesh router

We set up the google wifi mesh router without problems but we'd like to change the name that we selected for it (wifi name). Is that possible to change?

Kathyw2 by Community Member
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Google OnHub adding additional OnHub Point - Flashing Amber can't connect

I have an existing mesh network of two OnHub - one obviously designated main, and one secondary. I am finally ready to add the third OnHub as an additional point. I opened the box and plug it in and it flashes blue for a short period of time and then...

criker by Community Member
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adding Nest POINT

i have an existing google wifi network set up with a router and two points. can i add a Nest Pointh with google home to that existing network?

wtabs1965 by Community Member
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Can Nest Wifi Pro be set up in AP mode?

I'm looking to get a Nest Wifi Pro, but I want to find out if it will run in AP-mode. Original wifi and Nest didn't allow this. I want to have my existing router handle the addresses.

jraffin by Community Member
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Resolved! Adding second Service Providers to existing Google Nest Wifi

Hi all,Apologies if this is a repeated post, as I cannot find it. I have setup a Google Nest Wifi with one Service Provider, and found out that Internet connection is not stable. I would like to check if we can add in one additional Nest Router conne...

anduong by Community Member
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Raspberry PI device weak connection

So I have a raspberry PI connected to my network. In the home app it shows a weak connection which makes it hard to connect to through a web browser. The home app also shows it connected to my "Office" wifi point which is on the other side of the hou...

Resolved! Nest wifi pro setup issue "request failed. please try again later"

Hello, Trying to setup my google nest wifi pro, once I connect to the router, select a wifi name and password I get saving wifi followed by an error page: "request failed. please try again later"I tried the setup with:- Multiple devices (iPhone, iPad...

ESS81 by Community Member
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