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Trouble connecting to the Cloud network during set-up

I am getting a “trouble connecting to the cloud network” while trying to set up a brand new Nest WiFi Router. All of my restarts and factory resets haven’t worked. Help!

Mmay27 by Community Member
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How do I get the OnHub promo code?

I'm looking for the OnHub promo code but of course, there is no way to contact Google support as the contact form is not working

terryb8888 by Community Member
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Cant seem to migrate Wi-Fi network to the Google Home app

Got WiFi Internet a few years back through WeLink. Great so far and I was using Google WiFi with no problems, but now it wants me to migrate to Google Home.I have tried following the Instructions, but there is no option under "Add and Manage" to "Imp...

PyrateLV by Community Member
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Resolved! Can you add a UK-bought Mesh point to a 3 Google Mesh system bought in US?

Hi I tried connecting using an IOS device but couldn't add the new GB-bought Mesh point and search results suggested using Android device. This now shows a 'Out of range error"! I have tried switch router and mesh off and restarting but had no luck. ...

JimmyMac by Community Member
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Question: throughput from WAN to LAN port

I have an existing home network that incorporates three Google WiFi points in a mesh network. I'm upgrading to FIOS Gigabit now, and dropping static IP which I had used for a previous home business, so I'd like to simplify my network.Because I have a...

Ken_8085 by Community Member
  • 13 replies
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Wifi to barn?

Hey Community. You were so helpful before, I wonder if I can tap into your expertise again. In our house, we are all set up with the Nest router and 4 points. All meshing well and happy. Now, we need wifi in a barn/garage about 100 yards away, so we ...

Millerrx by Community Member
  • 14 replies
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2,4Ghz v 5Ghz

Hi there, I'm trying to connect a new smartbulb (Shelly GU10) to my network, which only uses 2.4Ghz can somebody help with this? How do I choose manually between 5 and 2.4Ghz when using an iPhone? I know the Nest cleverly selects by itself but this i...

Dezzy by Community Member
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General stability and Wired Backhaul

Hello,My setup looks as follows 4 Nest Wifi routers. Primary point is directly wired to the modem, then from there to a switch that the remaining three points are connected to (wired) over the house. They all are within range of each other and have e...

BenW by Community Member
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I have two ISPs. Spectrum and Google Fiber. I have 35 devices of various kinds (all controlled with Alexa) mixed among the networks and use Google Wifi points to reach the whole house. Each network (Spectrum and Google) has five Google brand wifi poi...

hhanover by Community Member
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